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Students in the United States

Free Online Assessments
Free, Live Online Tutoring
Funding for Test Fees
Registration & All Required Documents
Transportation to Test Centers
Resume Preparation
College Enrollment
Financial Aid & Scholarship Assistance

For More Information:
In America: Call 1 800 551 1300 X 3

“I have been in and out of treatment programs and shelters since I was 8 years old and my records were all over the place. Children of the Night collected all of my records and helped me pass my GED.” – Kari

International Students

We provide tutoring in English, Math, and other subjects as requested, taught by live tutors who speak the same language as their students.

For More Information or to enroll a new student e-mail wow@childrenofthenight.org

“If we can teach them English, they can get jobs in the resorts and earn a living without having to leave their families…If they score high enough on their national math test, their governments will give them scholarships to attend University.” Dr. Lois Lee

Madeline Maradiegue, Director of Online Education

An Honors graduate of UCLA with a BA in the study of religions, Madeline Maradiegue was teaching privileged students at a Santa Monica charter school and tutoring at-risk children at a housing project in South Central Los Angeles when she was hired by Children of the Night in 2007. At the time, she considered it a summer job, but as with so many of the organization’s employees, it turned out to be a life-changing career move.

During her employment at Children of the Night, Madeline Maradiegue has served as a teaching assistant, teacher/vice principal at its on-site school to her current position as the Director of Online Education for the organization’s WOW (Without Walls) program. Established in 2011, WOW brings Children of the Night’s unique, groundbreaking educational and social services to sex-trafficked children wherever they are, offering them an opportunity to escape life on the streets permanently.

“It’s a free online tutoring program that reaches children across the U.S. and is expanding all over the world. It aims to give street children access to education so they can find jobs.”

Courses include math, language, reading, science, social studies, and GED preparation. When a student is ready to test, WOW provides services including GED test registration, payment of test fees, support documents required to test, even transportation to a GED test site. Assistance writing a résumé and applying to college is also available.

Developing the comprehensive program with Children of the Night founder and president Dr. Lois Lee, Maradiegue is responsible for all of its many facets — from curriculum, scheduling, recruiting and training its 14 tutors, and maintaining an on-site call center to establishing protocol and writing and maintaining a manual that outlines the entire process of getting students through the program. “It’s Lois’ vision — I ‘m carrying it out!”

Maradiegue has developed the script to help tutors connect and interact most effectively with students. “It helps the tutors phrase things when speaking to children who haven’t been in school for a long time, whom they never lay eyes on but must take through the educational process all the way to graduation.”

“Working here has affected me immensely. I was pretty shy and quiet when I started, afraid of saying the wrong thing. I’ve learned a lot from Lois about saying what you need to say and doing what you need to do to advocate for the children. I’ve learned to get rid of fear, jump into a situation and just get things done.” She says it was this newfound courage that drove her to jump into and complete a Masters program in educational technology from CSU Fullerton while continuing to work for Children of the Night.

Although Maradiegue is justifiably proud of her accomplishments with the WOW program, now available in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Ghana as well as the U.S., she is determined to make it even better. “I am very much looking forward to our expansion into India and Africa. My goal is to navigate our international expansion while maintaining high standards for the US program. I want to rescue another 10,000 children from prostitution and a life of sexual exploitation.”

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