Case Management Throughout the United States

From our headquarters, skilled Children of the Night Case Managers assist young American sex trafficking victims with 24-hour services 7 days a week. Whether they need rescue from pimps, access to medical services, emergency & non-emergency transportation, mental health services, psychiatric evaluations or access to psychotropic medications, Children of the Night is ready to serve.

These children and young people require multiple contacts daily, step-by-step directions and transportation to complete some of the common tasks required to access care. They are easily frustrated by the process of accessing services and cannot complete applications on their own. They miss appointments, need to be reminded, led, nudged, and provided transportation. They require handholding, and without this constant support they will remain on the streets.

Most people do not understand that access to long-term programs requires essential documents and there is an order to obtaining each document. First the birth certificate requiring an application and a check, secondly a social security card which requires an application and an in-person appointment in the social security office then Government Identification requiring both an application and in-person appointment in the DMV. Some DMV offices require proof of residency and enrollment in high school. These barriers cannot be overcome without the support of trained case management staff to help identify records to substantiate residency.

These basic requirements as well as others must be met prior to placement in independent living and transitional housing programs (both often require a job and enrollment in college), maternity homes (requiring a doctor’s appointment and proof of pregnancy), detox programs (which often require public health insurance) and sober living (which requires completion of detox program).

We successfully move sex trafficking victims from the streets to stabilization and placement in jobs, special educational schools, trade schools, vocational schools and community colleges.

Our case managers are skilled at accessing public health insurance and Social Security Benefits as well as navigating the bureaucratic process for placement in Independent Living, Transitional Housing, Maternity Homes and Substance Abuse programs nationwide.

We offer access to accomplished professional dentists, doctors, psychologists, educational advocates and lawyers who serve on our team of professional volunteers.

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