Our Mission:


Since 1979, we have been rescuing children and young people from prostitution and sexual exploitation.


Our Mission

Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization established in 1979 with the specific purpose to provide intervention in the lives of children who are sexually exploited and vulnerable to or involved in prostitution and pornography.

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Our Impact



Thousand Children Rescued

Offering these children the specialized treatment and education they need to escape the streets and lead fulfilling, productive lives.



Years Serving Communities

The only comprehensive program in North America devoted to saving children forced into prostitution.



Children Sent To College

And to date, 70% are leading successful adult lives across various careers.


Our Programs

Children of the Night is the only place in America where a child can call from a seedy motel or truck stop anywhere in the United States, reach a skilled case worker 24/7 who knows how to rescue and relocate a child or young person from a dangerous condition without being arrested by the police and held on Witness Protection in solitary confinement until they testify against a pimp/trafficker. Our 24/7 nationwide toll-free case management services are comprehensive and able to help anyone trapped on the streets of our nation.



We operate a 24-hour, nationwide, toll-free hotline to help children still on the streets. Call (800) 551-1300


Established in 2011, Without Walls (WOW) brings Children of the Night’s unique, groundbreaking educational and social services to sex-trafficked children wherever they are, offering them an opportunity to escape life on the streets permanently.


Children of the Night maintains a caseload of hundreds of children and young people. Children are provided access to a suite of services ranging from shelter referrals, medical services, mental health services, transportation, placement in independent living programs, transitional housing, maternity homes or substance abuse programs.


Dr. Lee’s expertise in child sex trafficking is unmatched. It is therefore incumbent upon her to broaden and refocus efforts to help sex trafficking victims globally.

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“With no government funding, Lois Lee has made Children of the Night a haven for young women fleeing prostitution.”

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Join Children of the Night supporters from around the world who have pledged to stand by children whose lives have been shattered by sexual exploitation, and help them rebuild their futures. Check out the potential opportunities to get involved today!


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Volunteers play an integral role in our efforts to restore safety, dignity, and hope to sexually-exploited children.