Global Programs

Christian orphanages and other NGO’s from developing countries reached out to Dr. Lee for help with their programs.  Dr. Lee was impressed with the homes built and care provided, but the absence of education was troubling.

In 2011, Dr. Lee created Children of the Night WOW – Children of the Night With Out Walls to provide education to child sex trafficking victims who lacked viable economic alternatives to prostitution and a means to support their families.

Children in developing countries are taught English and Math to provide them with income other than prostitution.

Traditional education does not exist in many developing countries and many of these children are unable to leave the safe refuge where they seek protection because the risk of kidnapping for sex or labor trafficking is REAL.

When these children learn English, they can obtain employment in their country’s tourist industry and support their own families.  If we can help them develop strong math skills and they score high enough on their nation’s math test, their own countries will fund their college education and increasingly there are employment opportunities in the IT (Internet Technology) field.  

All Children of the Night WOW tutors work in a supervised call center located in our Van Nuys, California headquarters.  They speak the same language and have lived in the same communities as their students. Our free, live, online tutoring is available 24/7 in ANY language.  

Currently, we are partnered with organizations in the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ghana, India, and Nepal.  Our global partners, who provide case management to our students, maintain close contact with our tutors to assure ongoing case management no matter where the child moves throughout their country.